randy bens architect

St. George 16

This project is in Vancouver, and the property sits in an unusual position within the gridded city block.  The lane, at some point, was appropriated and there are two opposing properties filling the right of way.  Consequently, the lot is 20' x 200' and the house will be 16' wide.

The calm architectural expression was intentional, as the building forms the backdrop for the opposing properties. Incisions were made into the extruded form to bring light into the middle of the floor plate on all floors. We designed the interior of the home around these incisions. When you enter, your view is framed by the south facing courtyard. The living spaces revolve around the courtyard and the opening extends upward to allow light into the flex room and middle bedroom. The northern upper incision was designed to let light in over the stair, and to terminate the corridor to the bedrooms with light.

Completed 2018

Photographs by Ema Peter | Interiors by Falken Reynolds | Construction by Moose Head Contracting | Landscape by Teer & Co.

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